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GIVE 'EM HELL (2024)

In July 2024, the band is all set to ignite the metal scene once again with the release of their highly anticipated new album “Give ‘Em Hell”. With rapid-fire riffs, explosive bass & drums, high octane vocals and blistering solos, the album is guaranteed to get fists pumping and turn adrenaline levels up to eleven.




After two highly successful and critically acclaimed releases that put them on the heavy metal world map, India's heavy metal force Against Evil are back with a brand new full-length album "End of the Line". With 9 tracks that combine traditional heavy metal, speed metal and power metal with a modern sound, this album will take you back to the good ol' days when heavy metal reigned supreme!

So grab your denim and leather, a few cold beers and crank up the volume for some fist pumping, bone crushing heavy metal!

Album Reviews


"All Hail the King" (2018)

After a highly successful and critically acclaimed album Fatal Assault(2015), Against Evil delivered a kickass second studio album titled "ALL HAIL THE KING" featuring 9 tracks of blistering in-your-face heavy metal. 

With heart-pounding drums, crushing guitars and melodic vocals, this album will take you back to the good old days of heavy metal. To top that, the band has collaborated with world famous shred guitar player Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Conquering Dystopia) who has delivered a face-melting guitar solo on the track "Sentenced to Death".


The album created major ripples in the heavy metal communities around the world and helped Against evil secure its first European tour.

Fatal Assault Album Art.jpg

"Fatal Assault" (2015)

Debuting from an unknown city for metal in India, Visakhapatnam, Against Evil has announced itself  around the world. From being the fastest selling Indian release in 2015, to being critically acclaimed and loved by one and all, Against evil turned the heavy metal cliche into something enjoyable by incorporating subtle elements from current day genres.


Every song portrays a different mood, with the vibe and inherent heavy metal essence remaining intact. This is the new era of heavy metal, the veritable entry point for all metalheads, and it couldn't get better than this for a debut album.


With their debut album, the band has been able to reach out to distant metal fans and even jaded critics from around the world, making a dent in their rigid perceptions of a genre that's all but written off in this nearly heartless 21st century.





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